Mommy and Me

(18 months – 3years)

This is a little gym class in creative movement, fitness and fun. Simple coordination is introduced to our little students by combining fitness activities, along with musical and rhythmic actions in a playful atmosphere. The structure of the class enables mothers, fathers or grandparents to enjoy the activities along with the student.




(3 – 7 years)

Our “Pre-program” is a prelude to formal instruction and introduces the child to music and movement within a structured class setting, which stresses creativity and group interaction. By utilizing a graded progression system, the child is introduced to steps and terminology that will be used throughout their continued dance education

A great initiation to the world of dance, designed to build co- ordination, reflexes, flexibility, and fine-motor skills.

A basic debut for the world of “rhythms”, sounds and beats.

This is a lively, fun-filled beginning, which teaches the basic elements of jazz.



Intermediate/Advanced Programs

Ballet Technique:
(8 years and up)
This is a highly disciplined form of dance based on a centuries-old tradition of movement. Through the instruction of proper “classical” technique, the student is encouraged to develop turn-out, alignment, strength, and knowledge of Ballet’s universal French vocabulary. Classes incorporate both barre and center work, which prepares the dancer for performance.

(6th grade and up)
As the student’s mastery of basic Ballet skills and strength increases, they move to the highest level of Ballet instruction, dancing on pointe or “toe.”

(8 years and up)
Jazz is an upbeat and energetic style of dance, which focuses on flexibility and muscle tone.

(8 years and up)
A rhythmic combination of technical movements and style — Tap concentrates on coordination as well as a distinction between sounds and beats.

(4th grade and up)
With a strong foundation in ballet, contemporary is the next step for the aspiring dancer. This modern genre is a style of expressive dance that combines elements of jazz, lyrical, improvisation and classical ballet. Improvement in jumps, leaps and turns from taking Contemporary help students excel in their other dance classes.

Hip Hop:
(3rd grade and up)
Made popular by street dancers in the late 70’s and early 80’s, this form of dance has evolved to be one of the most mainstream genres in the dance world. Students will focus on dynamics in movement, rhythm, social dances and “free-styling”



Master-classes and Workshops

Romar Dance Studio is proud to offer master-classes and workshops with our guest choreographers. Students who attend these classes have the opportunity of being invited to audition for specialty pieces for our annual recitals. Check in periodically with the announcement bulletin board in the office for upcoming dates!



Dress Code

Leotard and tights, pink leather Ballet shoes (not slippers) or Pointe shoes

Leotards, tights or dance pants, black Jazz shoes

Leotards, tights or dance pants

Students 4 years old to First Grade – black, flat tap shoes (patent leather with ribbons or Mary-Jane’s)
Students Second Grade to Fifth Grader – tan, flat tap shoes
Students 6th Grade and Up – 1 inch heeled, tan tap shoe
Senior Class – Flat, tan, soft leather, tie-up tap shoe

Dance Paws or Foot Undies and movable clothing

Hip Hop:
Street Sneakers (not Jazz sneakers) and comfortable clothing


Students must have their hair tied back in all classes.
Dance body warmers are permitted.
Street shorts, sweat pants and over-sized t-shirts are not allowed.
Dance shoes and clothing should be labeled. Jewelry should not be worn in class.